Conversations Underneath the Table

Conversation Underneath the Table

Lively and raucous conversations,
celebrations of food, and
life happening on our kitchen table.
Pets that we adore have their,
own conversations below the table.
How do they feast upon our company?
A new food for thought,
for the diners above.
Dusty and Pumpkin are delighted with the attention.
Sometimes poking their paws,
into our sides during supper,
reminding us that they are below.
Requiring more admiration from our
household guests.
Such a lucky pair to be living,
in a lively abode.
I often wonder,
what could they be thinking?
Do they wonder about us and this world?
Do they ponder the conversations,
with their animal friends?
Do they ever think about their
cat sisters who flew off to heaven?
I see in their gorgeous eyes,
when the house is full,
and when the house is silent.
The sheer bliss of  knowing,
that they are loved.

Mary Ann Abdo

Photo: Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

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