Shutter Sequence

Shutter Sequence

The air is red and rheumy--a candid
Tension created by the placement displacement
Reminiscent of old hand held snapshots
In dead disuse

The village where he was born is
Long gone--Unwieldy struggle cratered hollow
By time’s expanse. He hears the floods’
Gurgling assault

Panning through the gaping green of a
Still pond in frame when his moment starts at
The unbroken line of entry the target
Image elongates

He braces, endless repetition, a shallow flex--
Grip--a tight focus, a half movement to amplify
The effect of light, shade, shutter lag in his
Aperture’s slanted tilt

While the degree of exposure pulsing
Towards the one placed shot--And the camera whirs, 
Comes to life, fires, bursting in split second
Freeze with a sudden  

Splash, ending his concentration, leaving
In its wake a motion blur of muddy flicker. Capture
Of a mottled deviation, timed for precision
Mangled on the rim

Author: Rekha Valliappan

Photo: Imansyah Muhamad Putera on Unsplash

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