A Far Walk

A Far Walk

For a river to go underwater
For the day to grow longer
I pretend a daylight

For a stream to meander
For the cycle to repeat
I stare a harsh blur

On a lonely stretch of road
I watch a grey mantle
Of sky, lean down

Dismantle it’s hoary
Mass silent on foliage
Scratching first spring

Spitting crocus clawing
Barren paths, I hear
Green shoots scrape

A country laid bare
Out of a distant
Shadow a lone woman

Emerges, she is picking
Pausing, choosing—
Seaweed, clams, shells, 

The detritus of ages
The enclave of renewal
A serpentine dirt thread

For walkers--Furthered.

Author: Rekha Valliappan

Photo: Bianca Castillo on Unsplash

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