About Orenaug Mountain Publishing

Orenaug Mountain Poetry Journal

Orenaug Mountain Poetry Journal is an online e-zine that publishes the work of emerging and established poets.

We believe that poetry has the power to create community, connect us to each other through our experiences, and place us in communion with the world around us.

We are committed to publishing poetry that is both challenging and accessible and to giving voice to those who may not have previously had the opportunity to share their work with a wider audience.

Orenaug Mountain Publishing

Orenaug Mountain Publishing produces themed anthologies through the year from the work of those poets published to the poetry journal, often providing previously unpublished poets with a publishing credit.

In addition, we provide editing, design assistance, and publishing help to authors for platforms such a Amazon and Lulu.

Orenaug Mountain

Orenaug Mountain is a 78.45-acre town park located in Woodbury, Connecticut. The park is situated on a basalt (trap rock) ridge overlooking the Pomperaug River Valley. The main entrance to Orenaug Park is flanked by two stone columns with stones that have been cultivated from all 50 states. The red-blazed Fire Trail begins there and leads to an observation tower.

The mountain is named after the Orenaug tribe of Native Americans, who once lived in the area. The tribe's name means "place of the great rocks." The mountain is known for its dramatic rock formations and natural amphitheater.