Who's Your Team?

Who's Your Team? (2024)

Baseball honors the dignity of all of us ordinary people with our Wiffle balls and bats in the garage, waiting for the freedom of summer to bring us together to play, to laugh, to keep score or not, and to look forward to playing again, always remembering time together playing a game that invites us to forget about time.

The poems in this collection reflect that spirit, whether they look at poetry through the lens of family, of being female, of the game itself, or of being a famous player. The poems are rich in passion and pathos, and they are down-to-earth and immediate. They invite you in, whether you watch from a lawn chair or take your place in the batting order. They celebrate our common humanity.

Contributing Poets 

  • Arden Andsall
  • Lorraine Caputo
  • Sandy Lee Carlson
  • Kevin Clark
  • Sara deBeer
  • Julie A. Dickson
  • Lara Dolphin
  • Edward Dzitko
  • Joshua C. Frank
  • Ken Gosse
  • Paul Hensler
  • Dan Hubbs
  • Sandra Kaumans
  • Jim Kelleher
  • Joe Kleponis
  • Bill Moorhead
  • Tom Nicotera
  • Victoria Elizabeth Ruwi
  • Vivian Shipley
  • Mark Sickman
  • Clinton Stanley
  • Steve Straight
  • Jordan Trethewey
  • Dan Wilcox

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