Submit to Orenaug Mountain Poetry Journal

We are happy to consider your work for publication in the poetry journal and any themed anthology. At this time, we can offer only publishing credit for your work. We do hope to be able to do more as the poetry journal matures.

Here are some guidelines for submitting.

  • Submit your best work. Be sure you have taken the time to edit and revise your poems until they are the best they can be. 

  • Submit your poems using our form. You can submit up to three poems, 64 lines or fewer, at one time. Please be sure each poem is submitted into its own text field. We will choose at least one, provided your submissions meet minimum literary standards, including spelling, punctuation, and grammar, and are not offensive and/or hateful.

  • You may submit poems that have been published elsewhere. While we are always looking for new and original work, we also understand that you may have written poems for which you'd like more exposure. 

  • Include a short bio for listing in the author's section. Bios should be 50 words or less and be an "elevator pitch" for who you are, not a resume and publication list.

Be patient with us. We will read and respond to your submission as quickly as we can.