Ekphrastic Poetry

Ekphrastic Poetry Collections

In collaboration with organizations in Woodbury, Connecticut, Orenaug Mountain Publishing has produced two ekphrastic poetry anthologies. These collections are available through our collaborators. Your purchase through those groups supports them.

When you purchase at least one copy through the Lulu bookstore, you support our efforts and the Orenaug Mountain Poetry Journal. 

From Art to Art -
with Woodbury Public Library and the Orenaug Poetry Group

Ekphrastic poetry results when a poet writes in response to a work of art, drawing on the details of the art as well as individual experience in the creation of a new, original work of art. The poems and images of the art that inspired them in this book represent a year of the Orenaug Poetry Group’s regular visits to the Woodbury Public Library Gallery in Woodbury, Connecticut, to write about the diverse art exhibits that changed from month to month.

Artists graciously gave us their time and access to their art for this book. They are Peter Seltzer, Michael Coleman, Marc Chabot, J. Neil Bittner, Steve Habersang, Lisa Barash-Rosario, Marla Thornington Martin, Sarah Jane Thornington, Skip Marsh, and the Nonnewaug High School Class of 2023 senior art students.

Poets who wrote about their work are Steve Allison, Betty Lou Bowles, Sandy Lee Carlson, Julie Cook, Amy D’Orio, Edward Dzitko, Margaret Hunt, Elizabeth Kutepov, Lin Northrup, Sharon Smith, and Kelly F.J. Wright.

A limited number of copies will be available at Woodbury Public Library beginning Jan. 31 when there is a special event to launch this book.

Instances of Seeing - 
with Flanders Nature Center and the Orenaug Poetry Group

Instances of Seeing is a collection of art and poetry. The works of art were exhibited in the Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust Art and Photography Show in October 2023, and the poems were inspired by those works and written by members of Woodbury's Orenaug Poetry Group.

The artists are Joan Anthony, Melody Asbury, Michael Audette, Marc Chabot, Michael Gallagher, Cynthia Gillette, Anita Gregorski, Alexandra Herst, Sarah Kushwara, Mary Jane LaBoudy, and Jim Laurino.

The poets are Elizabeth (Betty Lou) Bowles, Sandy Lee Carlson, Julie Cook, Edward Dzitko, and Lori Rek.