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Joshua works in the field of statistics and lives in the American Heartland. He has had more than 100 poems published in various magazines. His long-term goal is to raise a family out where they can see the stars at night. Website | On OMPJ

Diane Funston lives in Marysville, CA, and is originally from Rochester, NY. She began writing in adolescent angst, which ultimately led her to a degree in English from CSU San Marcos. Diane has been published in numerous poetry journals, including Tule Review, Synkronicity, California Quarterly, and Lake Affect Magazine. Her first chapbook was published by Foothills Publishing in 2022. On OMPJ

Roger Funston has had a long career as an environmental scientist, working on projects on four continents. He writes about his life journey, his travels, and things he has seen that you can’t make up. He finds his muse in nature. On OMPJ