The Harvest & the Reaping

The Harvest & the Reaping (Fall 2023)

Contributors to this poetry anthology share their experiences of autumn transformations. Some poems are nostalgic, some are humorous, and some are reflective. Writers from around the United States and from Wales, India, and Sint Maarten offer poems that are unique yet recognizable. Together, their voices form a community of individuals whose words reflect deep passion and respect for life.

Contributing Poets for the Fall 2023 Edition

  • Sandy Lee Carlson (editor)
  • Sreelekha Chatterjee
  • Julie Cook
  • Edward Dzitko
  • Diane Funston
  • Ferris E. Jones
  • Thomasina Levy
  • Jim Lewis
  • Patricia Martin
  • Claire Hamner Matturro
  • Kathy Nativo
  • Sharon Smith
  • Marianne Tefft
  • Lynn White

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