Winter Glimmerings

Winter Glimmerings (Winter 2024)

To be a glimmer is to be a faint, wavering light; to glimmer is to shine dimly. This has been the meaning of the word since the early 15th century, according to the Online Etymology Dictionary (, which also states that the word meant “to shine brightly” at the end of the 14th century. Glimmer takes the Old English “gleam”– brightness–as its root. Since the mid-13th century, to gleam has meant "to throw rays of light; appear suddenly and clearly."

Winter Glimmerings is a collection of poems about finding hope even in the cold and in the dark and in the unknown. Join us on this journey.

Contributing Poets for the Winter 2024 Edition

  • Petrouchka Alexierva
  • Padmaja Battani
  • Sheryll (Sherri) Bedingfield
  • Sandy Lee Carlson
  • Sreelekha Chatterjee
  • Julie Cook
  • Edward Dzitko
  • Diane Funston
  • Roger Funston
  • Maria Souza Hogan
  • B. Fulton Jennes
  • Rachel Larensen
  • Thomasina Levy
  • Patricia Martin
  • Kathy Nativo
  • Tom Nicotera
  • Derek Piotr
  • Susan Marie Powers
  • Geri Radacsi
  • Vivian Shipley
  • Jefferson Singer
  • Marla Sterling
  • Maria Tosti
  • Karen Warinsky
  • Kaaren Whitney
  • Peter A. Witt.