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Joyce grew up in Midwestern farm fields and was a classical musician before transplanting to the Mid-Atlantic area for a 35-year fundraising career in arts and higher education. These days she indulges her love of words and music. Her work has been published in Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, Canary, Passager, Snapdragon, and others. On OMPJ

Bob lives in Monroe Township, NJ. He is retired from the practice of law. His poetry has appeared in Paterson Literary Review, US 1, and Exit 13.  On OMPJ

Charles, an NEA Fellowship recipient, has been featured on NPR, at the Chicago Blues Festival, and at the Dodge Poetry Festival in New Jersey. His Latest collections are Winter Poems, Lakeside Poems, and Green Mountain Meditations. His work has also appeared in several periodicals, including Bennington Review, Paterson Literary Review, and Thema. On OMPJ | Website

Sangita, author of the novel Zoey & the Spirit of Juniper, dances on the tightrope between prose and poetry, painting emotions across the canvas of pages, where whispers echo and silence sings. Her love for nature spills onto parchment. But it is the mystery of love that fuels her verses. On OMPJ | Website

Atom Rush is the poet laureate of Brookfield, Connecticut, and an established spoken word artist. He has released two poetry books and two spoken word/music fusion albums, His poetry is the unique expression of words with substance and style, delivered in a thoughtful and direct way. On OMPJ

Mykyta is a Ukrainian poet who has been nominated for Pushcart Prize. On OMPJ