Story Routes

Story Routes

The story of a family travels in a spiral loop.
What happened many generations ago
Continues to echo down the years.
Scripts may vary, the players may be new
But basic themes repeat:
You are worthless, not good enough;
Or the opposite:
You are loved and worthy no matter what.
These potent heirlooms are passed down
Thoughtlessly, automatically,
Like water flowing over
A series of rocks.
We give what we are given,
Weaving our stories around the gift,
Generous or meager.
When one courageous person
Decides to step out of a poisonous flow,
She creates a new theme of healing.
Generations of fresh stories flourish—
Stories of love, connection, forgiveness.
They flow down and fan out
Into endless variations,
Spreading across the planet,
A healing network
Of infinite potential.

Author: Julie Cook

Photo: Laura Fuhrman on Unsplash

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