When you come to that place
where everything that once made sense
no longer does,
going forward is not possible.
Neither is going back.
Exhausted, you lie down right there
in soft grass
allow your body to surrender completely
to the body of the Mother.
Stay there until every cell has
agreed and accepted there is
nothing more to do.

In time, an opening may appear
distant, foggy.
Give your full focus until
it reveals
the threshold of an arc that spans
a liminal river.
You, who dared listen to
stand on the edge perceiving
river, hills, sky
as if through a mottled lens.
On the wind, a whiff of a
new way to be.
It may seem strange. It may be
very different from
the You of before
yet you know, with long-absent
This is the way forward.
Take one clear step;
the others will follow.

Author: Julie Cook

Photo: Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

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