Tailgater's Paradise

Tailgater's Paradise

Sirens, jackhammers and silhouettes
Somehow I just don't get
What the city's all about
I guess you have to have clout
I don't have a doubt
Have to love it throughout
And get drunk on a stout
To dig the city
You see
Been there since 23
To be or not to be
Some folks just have glee
To live in the city like me
For a quarter century
But then I had to flee
To Long Island
Don't you know
Felt like I needed to grow
Really took a blow
With noise, neighbors and so
But the island's not the same
Feel like I'm in a game
When I'm driving down the road
And a guy behind me's got a load
Has to crap his pants so bad
He's on my tail
Thinks he's rad
Cruisin’ in his hog GMC truck
Somehow doesn't give a “uh”
Headlights gash me in the eye
He's pushing my vehicle
Causin’ a stye
Can't take it no more
Such a caustic breed
Do you want me to bleed
If you ask again
“What's your need"
I'd say "be kind"
And do unto others indeed
But this is not fairy book land
And we must take a stand
To be the proverbial kind
Don't be so blind
There's peace in gentleness you'll find

Author: Elizabeth Ktuepov

Photo: Ethan Hooson on Unsplash

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