Universal Order

Universal Order

Universal order
I shop at TJMAXX
Think I’ve become a hoarder
The oceans wane and wax
“Get yourself together”
I say this to myself
No more binge shopping
Like a Christmas elf
The goods are all so tempting
I really want them all
I think I will preempt
Shop and have a ball
So please join me in acquiring
Every item that we want
The bills I’m not admiring
They arrive and always haunt
I don’t like control
Of my cash filled flow
It really takes a toll
On being in the know
Of every latest fashion
I love the haute couture
My face always turns ashen
And I’m certainly not demure
When I see my closets
Spilling at the seams
What always really does it
Is fulfilling all my dreams

Author: Elizabeth Kutepov

Photo: Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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