We All Grow Up, Maybe

We All Grow Up, Maybe

I once was a badly dressed teen,
if you're below 20 you'll know what I mean,
never tucked in my shirt,
asked what does it hurt,
mother said I looked truly obscene.

My hair was a terrible mess
never combed it, to this I confess
mother said I looked dirty
I thought I looked purtee
at least I wore pants not a dress.

Parents also fussed about my room
said it looked like an Egyptian's old tomb
urged them to please smile
messy room was my style,
get rid of the doom and the gloom.

Now I'm very old and quite gray,
bald head is starting to decay
my teeth are all fake
they're planning my wake
don't worry I'm really okay.

Peter A. Witt

Photo: Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

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