At the Root of the Problem

At the Root of the Problem

Bleeding gums and rotting decay
With most dentists turning patients away
And prices being too exorbitant to afford
As a final resort, people are pulling out their teeth
With pliers because the pain is excruciating
And insurance doesn't always cover it
So people end up getting into debt they can't afford
Just for a root canal or extraction
As dentists line their pockets on the back of suffering
The overall health of the community declines
Because an infection or abscess can kill if left untreated
And bad teeth can cause heart problems
It is not just about having a beautiful smile
At the root of this issue is greed and profiteering
Without any consequences for these dental practices
Taking advantage of the poor and the desperate.

KG Munro

Photo: Atikah Akhtar on Unsplash

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