Stone Soup

Stone Soup

can I make peel onions
a difference scrub carrots
in a world split celery and chop vegetables
of pain sauté briefly in a small amount
can I comfort         of olive oil
do I have add raw chicken
the skill, the right cover with cold water
to heal add salt and pepper, generously
can I cure         simmer until
with my small talent it tastes like freedom

Does my soup speak to the soul?
Does chopping and simmering ground you in the reality of now?
Does sharing the soup with the healthy and the sick, increase my small value on this planet?
Does feeding one hungry lonely soul, bring wealth ot the earth?
Does communing over the bowl broaden the atmosphere of love?
Does sitting at the table, meeting each look with friendship polish the shine of humanity?
Does my soup speak peace to the “other”?

 Rachel Larensen

Photo: Alyson McPhee on Unsplash

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