My concave
fits your
convex and
your concave is
where my knees
want to nestle
under cool
white sheets
at the end of                     
a long day

In many ways
we fit together
like puzzle pieces
my jagged edges
snug in your
smooth grooves
your excesses
tempered by my
softer parts

It’s not so much
our similarities
but our differences
that make us a
good match
your strengths
informing my
and the other
way around

I shop
you clean
you pay the bills
I balance the checkbook
I make the salad
you grill the meat
you love the sun
I fry in it
I forget a lot
you remember everything

those differences
rub raw
and we need to
battle it out

But it’s
our differences
that keep conversation
that allow us each
to still surprise
and be surprised
by the other
after all these years

Author: Sharon Smith

Photo: Khamkéo Vilaysing on Unsplash

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