Love and Daisies

Love and Daisies

She gathers daisies
in a meadow sparse,
dreams of love
among the weeds.

So dark and so tall,
he finds her, comes close.
Love me, he beckons,
Love me now and again.

She says, I gather daisies,
that’s what I do,
common field flowers
a garland to make.

Daisies are daisies,
that’s all they are,
but you, my bud, are
the bloom in the vase.

Come now or not ever,
my love cannot wait.
I am not ready, she says.
So stay, I must go.

Evening has sneaked in,
blanketing the fields,
The last rays of the sun
are in for the night.

She now sits alone
making garlands no more,
watering the reeds
with her grief-stricken tears.

Author: Evie Groch

Photo: Kristine Cinate on Unsplash

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