This Body

This Body

This body.
This body that became mine
over time. 

The one I rediscover
every morning when
I stand naked,
gaze lovingly in the glass
and accept it again.
This body that has changed slowly,
or was it quickly,
over time.

This body could not offend.
This body has worked hard
never failing me when I wanted to run,
or climb,
or needed milk for my babies,
or a soft place for my man to lay his head,
or his body.
This body is a seductress,
even now. 

This body makes me feel joyous.
This body makes me feel sad.
This body is a flag flapping before me
telling me to surrender.
I will not. 

When this body has had enough,
I will lie down peacefully,
take one final breath,
and let this body go.   

Author: Melanie Civin Kenion

Photo: Inge Poelman on Unsplash

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