Baltimore Front Porch Summer Night


Baltimore Front Porch Summer Night

I lean back against the porch rail
the woman's body they found by the tracks
the Pletka girl pregnant and planning a June wedding
old lady Falk's arthritis.

I am nine years old with nothing to do
but drink iced tea and listen
and watch the cars go by

The rainbow string of trailer park lights
across the street comes on,
the lineup of row houses
glows with the last sun

Mr. Murphy nods hello
on his way home from Bob's,
a jar of National Bohemian
under his arm.

The conversation stops, the trucks
grind up the hill so loud
in low gear.

Then Blumey says again
"isn't it awful about that woman's body
they found down by the tracks."
Nan, of course, agrees.

Author: Charles Rossiter

Photo: Tia Cunningham on Unsplash

Previously published in his book The Night We Danced With The Raelettes.

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