Silent Quiver of Shadows

Silent Quiver of Shadows

In the realm where sorrow and laughter collide,
Life unfurls its canvas, wide and wide.
Grief, a shadow, dark and deep,
In life's grand theater, makes many weep.

Yet, in the heart of the darkest night,
Life whispers tales of sheer delight.
For every tear that grief lets fall,
Life's joyous laughter echoes in the hall.

Grief, a tempest, fierce and wild,
Yet, life, a melody, gentle and mild.
Together they dance, in rhythm and rhyme,
In the grand ballad of space and time.

Through the veil of grief, life's light does seep,
In every heart, hope does it keep.
For life is a journey, grief but a stride,
In this grand spectacle, we all abide.

Sangita Roy

Photo: Agata Create on Unsplash

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