The Perfect Day

During the 1950s, American icon Marilyn Monroe called Litchfield County home and was known to frequent the space that today is Canfield Corner. During this era while Monroe was married to American playwright Arthur Miller, she visited the site and sometimes imbibed and or enjoyed an afternoon ice cream.

The Perfect Day

It was a sunny morning, and the birds were chirping loudly, I must say. It was the early 1950’s and I woke up with a start. I have been having bad dreams about death, but never mind that--not even Artie knows about that. I got dressed for the day and opened my curtains. I walked to Canfield Corner to get my meds and grab a quick bite to eat. I got my usual sandwich, sat at the bar for a bit, and then went to grab my medication.  

After that I went to get some ice cream, which is something I do not do often, I need to stay in shape of course. But, I got my ice cream sundae and I took a walk. I enjoyed it quite much. 

Although I was struck with the beauty of this town, I couldn’t help but miss Hollywood. I mean, it was my home, not anymore, but it was. For a long time, it was. I had portrayed that I was happy here, but that was far from the truth. We had a beautiful place in Roxbury, but at the same time, it just wasn’t the place for me.  Do you understand?  

Years later, we know what happened to me. I swear I wasn’t being selfish, I just had a lot in that brain of mine and it wouldn’t go away. I loved my husband, I did, and I didn’t want to leave him but I couldn’t bear it anymore. I felt as if I was trapped and I couldn’t breathe. The small-town life could sometimes suffocate me. 

I know I should have told someone about this, but people looked up to me. I couldn’t tell them I was a mess and that I was crumbling down.  

Anyway, I wanted things to be perfect. But they weren’t. I can’t say why, it’s just how I felt. I just couldn’t do it anymore. 

Emma V

Photo: Wikipedia

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  1. Wow! I can feel Marilyn's anguish. Beautifully written!