The Unseen Bond

The Unseen Bond

In the realm where silence reigns,
And the cosmos spins in endless lanes,
There lies a bond, unseen, untold,
Connecting souls, both young and old.

We wander paths, both far and wide,
In search of love, with eyes open wide.
Yet, in our hearts, the truth unfolds,
Our souls are linked, in ways untold.

A silent whisper in the wind,
A feeling that's felt, deep within.
A connection so deep, it can't be severed,
Human souls, forever tethered.

Yet, in our ignorance, we fail to see,
The love that binds you and me.
We search for meaning in the stars,
Ignoring the love that's never far.

So let's awaken to this truth profound,
Our souls are linked, they're homeward bound.
In love and kindness, let's immerse,
For we are one, in this vast universe.

Sangita Roy

Photo: Andy Holmes on Unsplash

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