My Garden's Like a Singles Bar

My Garden's Like a Singles Bar

Where exhibitionists lure lookers in.
Strategic mixers promise this grass is
Much greener; missing out would be a sin.

As fragrances seduce the passerby,
Enormities of leaves invite eyes: peek
At earth--between her breasts, where all things grow.
What is sustained can't hold us. Novelty
Is a tonic, spikes temptation that folks crave. 

My lush, long-legged lilies do improve
Landscapes, inviting lovers here to stray.
No bloom of mine, her tips all pollen masked
Or dewy, sags like dried bouquets.

They've heard about the autumn when absence
Accumulates. Who blames plants if they stay
Out all night, looking for more love? Unrest's|
Legitimate in gardens--a family
Values free zone--where a sugar rush arrives
When organs thrust, seeking heat. Appetite
Too natural to be denied survives
As curiosity peels petals back.

My flowers flirt with each forbidden tree,
Suspecting life's last act's when summer's snatched. 

Perfection burns up fast, becomes compost
Before they've had enough, frowned three months down
Or thirteen weeks across. Indulgence is
The point, they keep reminding me. Restraint
Is strange. Today, for wine, they're drinking rain.

LindaAnn LoSchiavo

Photo: Marta Bibi on Unsplash

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