Solar Light

Solar Light

How to eat the sun:
First, open the top of your head,
let solar light stream in,
suffuse your brain, beam out
from your eyes, ears, mouth.
Swallow it down, gilding your throat
like honey to sweeten your words;
let it stream down your arms
in a rush of liquid photons,
fingertips full enough to send
ten bright rays to kiss the earth.
Let it touch the prism in your heart,
multi-hues to flourish
that inner garden,
enliven your solar plexus,
radiant dazzling orb,
spill into the basin of your belly,
sparking new creations.
Let it flow through each leg,
sweeping away all kinks and creaks
to rest in warm golden slippers on your feet.
Feel the stream in your soles
spread a luminous network
in the Mother’s body,
connecting earth and sky
in a nourishing
river of light.

Author: Julie Cook 

Photo: NEOM on Unsplash

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