The world that loved executioners

 The world that loved executioners

Red and thin tie,
which is barely noticeable
on the official's stomach,
small jacket and European fortune,
trouble, because someone adores rubles.

Grain in the throat, like a trading card,
playing a game, it seems that the players
fragile, starchy bureaucrats,
their voters chew healthy cereal.
Western celebrities love gifts,
big bonuses, pay for cynicism,
it's easy to wrap the ice cream
naming grief as comprehensive pluralism.

How easy it is to get tired of violence,
forget about your concern
and deep in the executioner's arms,
Guterres Putin said: I love.

It doesn't matter what your state is,
Look at the map!
everything is conditional,
radiation will be carried by the winds,
and the warm sea it will bring.

Photo: Nika Soshnikova on Unsplash

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