Long-form Duet

Long-for Duet

The garden:
My father tilled and planted
My mother pickled and canned

The house:
My mother administered the stove
My father administered the television

Special places:
My father went to the bowling alley
My mother went to church

Best dishes:
My mother’s cherry cobbler
My father’s oyster stew 

Natural habitat:
My father lived on the couch
My mother lived in the kitchen

Their sounds:
My mother’s humming
My father’s coughing

Saturday nights:
My father played the spoons
My mother made chocolate walnut fudge

Their crafts:
My mother made me dresses
My father painted-by-numbers and made me a hula hoop

My father went to work at 5 am
My mother got up and made him a hot breakfast

My mother tried her hardest
My father played us both at once using only his left hand
(to make it more even)

In their sixties:
My father’s eyesight began to fail
My mother learned to drive

Fondest wish for me:
My mother wanted my soul to be saved
My father wanted me to be happy

When I left home:
My father said you can always come back home
My mother agreed and gave me $200.

Sharon Smith

Photo: sofatutor on Unsplash

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