PYRAMID: AVAILABLE - A local real estate company sign

PYRAMID: AVAILABLE - A local real estate company sign

For what?

Maybe I want just one night
in the dusty, bat-infested tunnels
to experience being entombed
before I am.

Was someone else using it
who now isn’t?
Did his lease expire?
Perhaps the builders
defaulted on their subprime loan,
couldn’t afford the mudbrick
or gold cap for the top.
It might need some renovation. 

Where is it?
I suppose children
could erect one on the family estate,
assuming they lived in back country
Greenwich, or Montana,
but the rest of us might have to
buy a share, like a condo,
or a pyramid scheme.
There would be interviews—
like before a co-op board—
because one wouldn’t want to
spend eternity
with just anyone.

That’s the trouble with heaven, after all.
Any body can get in.
Saying No really, I believe on their deathbed
slides tyrants and war mongers
through the Pearly Gates.
Is that how I want to pass time
without end?

Author: Laurel S. Peterson

Photo: Simon Berger on Unsplash


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