Celebrate by drinking from the wine glass before it breaks
Opening the china cabinet to let the butterflies in
Pulling the drapes open to make love to the sunshine
Or allow the moon to caress every surface of nakedness
When the feeling comes don't hold back
Shout, snort, squeal, scream to the constellations
that you are experiencing joy
Most definitely joy
Undiluted by rules that no law ever fit
or revenge that no longer holds fire
Let us all get on with our lives and celebrate
and know people can change
We who had justified fury and vengeance can let go
Letting go feels wonderful, free-floating, amoeba-like
I can forgive so I can celebrate
I can love like I never have before
I took a risk but now I can celebrate real joy
and truly let go of the past
I have my new life and my passion for it
My circle that completes me, makes me whole
Celebrate my freedom, my identity, my life, my love
A home, complete, my garden growing free
My love at my side and my words at my grasp
and you can be assured I'll always say yes
to joy

Diane Funston

Photo: Preslie Hirsch on Unsplash

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