And Why Did You Leave Your Last Role?

And Why Did You Leave Your Last Role?

I got fed up of walking under ladders
to dodge low-lying clouds hurling rain
like Donkey Kong. Got fed up of fishing
out my four-leaf clover from the water cooler.
Got fed up of the printer getting replaced
by a black cat yowling every time the sales
figures dipped, leaving me with a tic-tac-toe
game of scratches every time I needed
to photocopy. Got fed up with the boss
twisting my neck into a horseshoe
every time the office rabbit lost its foot.
Got fed up of bending myself into a stuffed
albatross every time someone used
the last of the milk – the tips of my fingers
compass needles pointing to the unknown
horizon of the automatic front door
hissing like a dragon.

Author: Christian Ward

Photo: Adrian Swancar on Unsplash

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