White Shell Woman

White Shell Woman

her hair aged white shell
hangs wet and eclipse moon
in the smooth eve shadow
down her naked back

her hands gnarled from hard use
take slow strokes with the brush
over hands once satin and lace

brushing his long charcoal hair
gathering into the traditional navajo style
with her bundle of stiff buffalo grass
tying the memory with white wool

her onyx eyes always deep
like the aroma of fireside coffee
contemplate the colors of early sunset
through the bath’s glass window

the red hues resembling her fevered blush
when he kissed her spring wine lips
its orange blaze imitating
the burning chill of her desire

for his heat to merge with hers
her heart beat battle drums
when they came together
beneath the cottonwood

whose spirit touches earth and sky
with caresses and kisses he spoke
love to her high and wide as northern peaks
whose soul never sleeps

her old woman’s body dissolved
with the sun retiring from sight
and she saw in the rhythm of drying
her wet skin with terry cloth

her young self dancing
among low mountain clouds
swaying bare hips and fluttering silk shawl
like a blue-winged butterfly

her voice, usually night-shadow pine
sings grace like spring run-off
from White Shell Mountain
singing her love for him still

Author: Norla D. Chee

Photo: Jason D. Chee, Navajo artist, (Copyright Jason D Chee), graciously provided by Norla D Chee

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  1. Just lovely. The scope of a love...the scope of a life.