Confusing Love

Confusing Love

During this obscure night, a shiver runs through me
Prompting thoughts of whether this feeling is meant to be
With each tight closing of my eyes, I sense a frightful entity
Adding to my trepidation, as if summoned by a fiendish decree

Unfathomable is the love within my heart, so deep and true
It fills the void, completing what was once askew
I wish not to stray from this affection that I pursue
For it spawns marvelous thoughts of art, like a stimulating brew

In times past, I would convey
That even if my love led me astray
I dream of a future when we can be together someday
Yet presently, I cannot expedite that desired bouquet

But even if destiny keeps us apart
Denying our chance to unite, heart-to-heart
Rest assured, my love for you shall never depart
Etched in my soul till the very last leaf, life's final impart.

Author: Jherwin P. Hermosa

Photo credit: Michael Fenton on Unsplash

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