Delight and gaiety and nobility enter
when he strides into my writing room
commandeers the side desk chair
with his long legs and his bags from JCPenney.

Show me what you bought?
And out come one by one
a dark blue T-shirt, V-
neck? I wanted to try it out. Look

swim trunks, navy blue. Seven dollars
with sale price and a coupon
and see, a matching towel--
blue. You're color coordinated, I marvel,

but you never swim. Right. This
is just an addition to my
swimsuit collection! (Oh the bliss
of our laughter brightening today).

He glows, kisses me
and departs with his bounty...
His heart, pretty much, this
reliably steady and buoyant heart

throughout four decades
mine and the one thing sure:
I could stand no other
soul in my writing room.

Author: Marilyn E. Johnston

Photo credit: Sir. Simo on Unsplash

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