When Philos Met Sofia

When Philos Met Sofia

"Oh wondrous world, I am fascinated
By your enigmatic wonders, deeply contemplated
For I find it immensely intriguing
To be a man of profound thinking

In the ancient era's distant past
Philosophers sought to uncover the world's vast
They pondered the genesis of melodious cast
Amidst sipping chilled lime-imbued glass

They pondered and reflected, answers in quest
Yet encountered problems, solutions suppressed
Ironically, some notions ignited unrest
And thus, they faced a judgment behest

As a student philosopher, I embark
On a journey of reflective inquiry, a spark
For I steadfastly believe, in the dark
It shall unveil God's eternal trademark."

Author: Jherwin P. Hermosa

Photo credit: Fine Photographics on Unsplash

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