A Midsummer Dream

A Midsummer Dream

This poem stretches and rubs its eyes
as if Titania said pick up your feet
time for dancing in the woods.
This poem shimmies with hope to
have my love to bed and to arise.

This moonrise poem glows in your pocket
Peaseblossom ready to winkle your eyes
tiny Cobweb waiting to heal your heart
wake you for this moonwalk tonight to
pluck the wings from painted butterflies.

Verily these lines will shine a light for you   
croon a tune for you
rhyme, tickle your fancy.
You’ll recite this poem again and again to
fan the moonbeams from his sleeping eye.

This moon’s silver smile spells a play
sends a pillar of light
piercing the night
seducing you with a kiss …
nod to him, elves, and do him courtesies.

A poem such as this    frolics in the woods
gambols with fairies    and fools
knows a mooncalf when it sees one
Needs you    for its most wondrous dream.

Author: Margaret Koger

Photo: Niklas Hamann on Unsplash

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