Love Is

Love Is

Love is unexpected…
Love is gracious and true.
Love is your soul’s desire.
Love is watching the moon,
and proclaiming wishes on opalescent stars.
Love is supportive—
Love is sitting on the porch.
Love is a hike through,
the silent woods.
Love is precious.
Love is a shoulder to cry on.
Love is cooking for more than just two.
Love is holding that precious grandchild,
and realizing you’re lost in her brown eyes.
Love is overcoming obstacles.
Love is holding one another.
Love is discovering the world.
Love is never alone—
Love is you and I intertwined as branches,
stretching out past Mars,
and into the universe.
Love is everything we are meant to be.

Mary Ann Abdo

Photo: Jiroe (Matia Rengel) on Unsplash

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