Most Unexpected

Most Unexpected

Sitting next to you
My first poetry group meeting
Feeling the chemistry
Not sure if you are
You read four poems at open mic
The third clearly meant for me
Most unexpected

I ask you to dinner Friday
Fall in love with you by Sunday
Each of us hurt in the past, but healing
Finally ready to receive another
Revealing our beauty and imperfections

Almost overwhelmed when I first saw your home
So different than my former white-walled suburban existence
The Tehachapi hills backdrop beyond your rear porch
Deer, bobcat and coyotes prowling nearby
Every decoration exuding your personality
You have clearly taken over this space

I wonder if you will let another in
Needless worry
You have created a space for me
Amazing convergence of thoughts, interests and experiences
Perfectly matched

I am in awe of you and completely comfortable with you
Turned on by your gifts and capabilities
But also by your need to be taken, your passion
My love growing deeper and deeper
No boundaries in site
Never too late to find one’s soul mate
So thankful to spend the rest of my life with you

Author: Roger Funston

Photo: Erin With on Unsplash

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