Marking 43 in 3

Marking 43 in 3

It’s a waltz
one note waltz
it’s a journey we’re on
through what’s come
and what’s gone
it’s a bob
and a whirl
on life’s currents
a swirl
it’s a twirl
it’s a spin
it’s the place
that we’re in
it’s the path
that we choose
sometimes win
sometimes lose
it’s the note
that you wrote
with the rose
how it goes
it’s the flame
that still burns
through the twists
and the turns
it’s a waltz
one note waltz
through the halls
of the years
through the smiles
and the tears
all the hopes
all the fears
still we float
on that note
it’s a waltz
always new
it’s a waltz
one note waltz
it’s a love song
for two

Author: Joyce Ritchie

Photo:  Preillumination SeTh on Unsplash

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