Super Moons

Super Moons

Super Moons
entered my lexicon when one loomed,
hung, irradiated my sky one night
as if I’d driven
straight into the moonset of a screen lot,
a  30% brighter, 14% larger moon
lighting my brain, an organ desperate
for moon illusions, desperate for the milky orb
sitting plumply on my horizon.
                    More than moons, though,
this led me to think about what illuminates,
what exposes all that lies beneath it, beneath us,
those neglected parts of our worlds,
the neighbors not spoken to for years,
the family members on the ‘outs’ with us,
the fellow elevator riders we parallel,
the travelers we sit next to silently,
the beggars we avert, the edges of
all lives we somehow manage, sometimes, to avoid.
A super moon says ‘no’ – look, watch
I’m showing what you need to see.  
And, I must say, so have you.  You’ve led
my connecting ancient scripts to modern tales,
you’ve asked me to divest myself of what conceals,
invest myself with what reveals the alabaster moments
coloring a world of many hues with love, with grace, with joy,
this spectrum created not by absence but by presence,
my presence, your presence, our allowing us to feel
the pull of gravity towards each other,
hoping we can mimic perigee, stay close, stay near
no matter how far apart we are.

Author: Barbara Simmons

Photo:  James Wheeler on Unsplash

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