Sometimes I Forget Completely

Sometimes I Completely Forget

Sometimes I forget completely
who I am.
I run around
here and there.
I talk too much.
I treat you like a stranger.
I allow a buildup of plaque
to form around my heart.
A roboton
with the appearance
of meaning.

I forget completely sometimes
that the mere fact of you
is a miracle,
that your everyday offerings:
to pick up a movie and Hunan Shrimp,
change the oil, stack the logs,
free my shoulders of their knots
are gifts of love, not penances
you owe me.

I forget that once
all you had to do was
look at me–
one look
and you entered
my bones, my heart, my toes.
I took you in completely.

I forget sometimes
that I need
the oxygen of love to live.
I forget to breathe.
I forget who you are.
I forget

Julie Cook

Photo: Anna Rozwadowska on Unsplash

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