The Ballad of the Heroic Mother

The Ballad of the Heroic Mother

A toddler into water fell
And sank as quick as rock.
At nine feet deep, she couldn’t yell
Or jump or thrash in shock.

Her mother heard the splash portend
Her daughter’s water grave;
She dove into the pool’s deep end,
Her little girl to save.

She grabbed her daughter, held her tight,
And with a presto prayer
Sprang toward the shimmering sun of white
To give her girl some air.

She held her up while sinking down,
And knew to save her daughter
That she herself might well soon drown
So inched toward shallow water.

Seconds before her lungs gave out,
Her face felt heat and air.
Her feet on ground, she breathed a shout:
“Success!”  An answered prayer!

The whole crowd cheered the mom en masse;
She gained a hero’s glory.
She told the public-speaking class—
I still think of the story.

Author: Joshua C. Frank

Photo: Lee Jeffs on Unsplash

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