Dappled Trout

Dappled Trout

It was a dappled trout that drew me to you.
I watched as you put it on the grill,
head and bones and tail.
It was something in the way
you brushed it with oil
that made my heart beat faster.
I brought the eggplant salad. 

Gathered by the edge of a pond,
the river that fed it ran cold
winter run-off from the mountains.
We dipped our toes
and nothing more.
A rope swing hung from a thick branch,
no one ready to take the dare.

Invisible that day.
not pretty enough to be noticed,
not bold enough
to start a conversation,
my confidence dim,
I didn’t think I could hold your attention
with what I had to say.

I smoothed the tablecloth nervously
when you sat down beside me,
took the first bite of fish
buttery flesh melting on my tongue.
You praised my eggplant.
That I bought it at the store
was my secret.  

We got busy dancing
under the light of the moon,
your dance moves bringing me closer.
A hand on my hip,
heads close together,
I tried not to step on your toes.

Falling in love is easy
when your partner
dips you low. 

Author: Melanie Civin Kenion

Photo: Michael Yero on Unsplash

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