Fluffy Targets and Me

Fluffy Targets and Me

Maybe the devil fights the so-called “angels”
because he knows the makeup they’re wearing is wrong,
and I am too scared to hold up a sign,
instead I took out a pen and scribbled a song.

If we act like animal testing is ok,
animals become fluffy targets, they’re hurt.
Then there are people like me:
confused and angry, but alert.

How do we help the helpless?
I know there are haters everywhere I go.
(And if you're badmouthing my song right now
you can just leave my show).

I don’t care about no government,
Its members are always in a race.
Do any of them actually care
about the injustice eatin’ up our space?

Testing innocent animals is as bad as saying to their face
that they are worthless, that we don’t care,
that they’re just fluffy targets, a lost case.
And then there are people like me.

I wish more people cared in the first place,
I wish all these poor creatures were set free.
‘Cause these fluffy targets get no grace,
Does anyone care, or is it just me?

Author: Aurora

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